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Garden Grove, Ca. Leak Detection Specialists

OC Leak Detection is a family owned and operated company
that was founded on the principal of giving the best customer service with
a commitment to excellence. OC Leak Detection has been
serving the City of Garden Grove, Ca. and the surrounding areas for
20 years. Dana Herranen, a 3rd generation plumbing contractor, started
OC Leak Detection with the commitment to exemplify knowledge,
honesty and customer service to his customers. Even after almost two decades in
the plumbing industry not much has changed in his commitment to excellence.

At OC Leak Detection, we specialize in slab leak
locating & repair, electronic Leak Detection as well as Infrared leak detection.
We offer many services in the field of plumbing repair, but our focus is on
Leak Detection and slab leak repair. If the service you need is not listed
below, please use our contact form to the right to inquire about that service.
OC Leak Detection can help you with what ever your plumbing
need is in Garden Grove, Ca.

We offer the following types of slab leak repairs:
In floor repair (Requires removal of flooring and concrete to access the leak.
This option is not always possible due to the use of post-tensioned slabs.)
Complete line re-route (This is the most common in Garden Grove
because of the type of homes in the area and in our opinion the best choice.
Although fixing the line in the floor is often the cheapest way to repair the leak,
it is not always recommended. Leaving the damaged water line in the floor and still
active usually results in a second slab leak on the same line.)

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Slab Leak:
• The initial symptoms might be a rising gas or water bill.
• You may hear the sound of water flowing through your pipes when you do not
have any plumbing on or your water heater might be on endlessly.
• If it is a hot line, you may notice a warm or hot spot in the floor.
• You may notice constant wet spots outside or near the stucco.

Do You Have a Slab Leak?
Follow these simple steps to determine if you have a slab leak:
• Check for warm spots on your floor using your bare feet.
• Check your meter at the street. Make sure no water is being used in the house
prior to this visual inspection. Look at your meter dial. Is it moving? If it is
moving and nothing is on, you most likely have a slab leak.
• Is your water or gas bill high? Higher than usual? This is a common sign of
a slab leak or loss of water.

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Leak Detection is Our Expertise!
When you have a water leak but can't find where it is coming from, call
OC Leak Detection! Garden Grove's Leak
Specialists. If we can't find it, you don't pay us anything! Not only do
we find the leaks, we fix them quick, clean and affordable!

What Kind of Leaks Do We Find?
OC Leak Detection offers Leak Detection services for
the following types of leaks in Garden Grove:

• In the wall Copper Leaks
• Slab Leaks
• Gas Leaks
• Irrigation Leaks
• Roof Drain & Overflow Leaks
• Sewer Line Leaks
• Main Line Water & Fire Line Leaks
• Radiant Hydronic Floor Heating Leaks

Information About Garden Grove, Ca.
Garden Grove is a popular place to live with its award winning schools, great location, shopping, dining and entertainment. There is ample , employment opportunities, and extensive recreational programs.

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