Valley Center Pool & Spa Leak Detection

Free Pool or Spa Leak Detection in Valley Center
After OC Leak Detection provides a pool, spa or leak detection on your home, if we complete any repair work at or over a value of $2,000.00, your leak detection service fee is FREE!

Do You Think Your Pool or Spa Has a Leak in Valley Center, Ca.?

The extremely experienced and knowledgeable team at OC Leak Detection are pool leak detection specialists who offer a wide range of detection and repair services for pool and spa leaks in Valley Center, Ca. OC Leak Detection is a family-owned and operated business for over twenty years and was based on the principle of providing the best in client service. All of our pool & spa leak detection and repair services comes with this commitment to excellence. Dana Herranen, the founder of OC Leak Detection, is a 3rd generation pool leak detection contractor who started the company with the commitment to exemplify honesty, knowledge and customer service to all customers. Over two decades later, this commitment to excellence has grown stronger.

The professionals at OC Leak Detection specialize in pool and spa leak detection using the the most current and innovative methods and equipment to locate your leak rapidly. Our highly-experienced and talented pool leak detection specialists are here to help you with any pool or spa leak you may have in the Valley Center, CA, area.

Give the Bucket Test a Try!

Have you wondered if you actually have a pool or spa leak or if it is just evaporation? The bucket test can let you know in as little as 24 hours and potentially save you from needing a pool or spa leak detection service! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get a bucket! Any 5 Gallon bucket will do....
  2. Place something heavy in the bucket such as a brick or rocks
  3. Place the bucket on the step of your pool in the water (any other flat surface in the pool or spa will work)
  4. Fill the bucket up with water so that the water in the bucket is even with the body of water it is sitting in
  5. Mark the inside and outside water level with tape or a sharpie
  6. This step is optional, but I like to take pictures of the levels with my cell phone camera
  7. Leave the bucket to sit for 24-48 hours
  8. Return to see if the two bodies of water are at the same level or if they are no longer the same

Please see image below.

So now that you see what has occurred, what does this info tell you? As long as the bucket is not compromised, this level of water will only be lost to evaporation. (Evaporation in the 1/8"-1/4" per day is considered normal and in hotter months can be more) If the pool does not have a leak, the two bodies of water will be the same providing no water in the bucket was lost or added. If the pool does have a leak, the pool or spa will be lower than the water level in the bucket! If the water in pool or spa is lower, it's time to call in the experts at OC Leak Detection servicing Valley Center!


Valley Center Pool Spa Leak Detection

How Can I Tell if My Pool is Leaking?

There are many red flags that tell you your pool is having leak issues, and its not just the obvious. Lets name a few:

  • A sudden rise in the water bill (only when an autofill is in use)
  • Your pool or spa pumps will not prime fully
  • The pool will not maintain its proper chemical levels
  • Air bubbles coming out of return lines
  • Lifting or sagging concrete

If you experience any of these signs of a pool or spa leak, be sure to immediately call the experts at OC Leak Detection serving Valley Center, Ca! OC Leak Detection uses only the best equipment available from companies such as Anderson Manufacturing as well as Leaktronics, we can provide a thorough analysis and diagnosis of your pool, spa and even fountain systems at a competitive price in Valley Center.

Can You Repair My Pool or Spa Leak?

OC Leak Detection not only offers leak detection services but also repair services in Valley Center including those for:

  • Pool & Spa Return Lines
  • Pumps & Equipment
  • Non Structural Crack Repair
  • Pool & Spa Suction Lines
  • Pool Skimmer Basket Repair
  • And More.....

Our team can come to your home and identify the type of leak affecting your pool, spa or fountain. We will then offer repair services that will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.