Water Damage Remediation Norco

Free Water Damage Remediation Inspection in Norco!
Upon OC Leak Detection providing a water damage inspection service on your residence, if we complete any type of repair work your water damage remediation inspection is FREE!

Norco Water Damage Mitigation

Having water damage from a plumbing pipe leak or from an unexpected storm that caused water damage intrusion can be a very frightening thing to go through. Natural disasters and plumbing leaks can happen unexpectedly and most commonly in Southern California and in Norco. A very experienced company and crew is required for handling these situations quickly, comfortably and efficiently. At OC Leak Detection, we can give you efficient service in water extraction, as well as to ensure to dry all affected areas completely and also finding the location of the storm water intrusion or the plumbing pipe leak itself and fix it on the spot.

Water Damage Cleanup Steps in Norco

The process of water damage mitigation and remediation can seem like an daunting process and it is. OC Leak Detection is highly experienced and trained in this field of expertise and can help walk you through the entire process almost seamlessly. So, lets have a look at the steps and the process for the catastrophe you are currently going through.

  1. So you are experiencing water damage? The first thing you need to do is to make sure the leak is either stopped or slowed. If your water damage is from some sort of plumbing leak, you need to shut off the main water supply to your residence. Storm water damage intrusion leaks are a more difficult thing to deal with. Call an experienced company such as OC Leak Detection right away to come out and mitigate the damage immediately.
  2. Now that the leak is somewhat controlled, call OC Leak Detection at 866.523.3303 first to immediately extract any and all water and protect you against any further damage as well as getting the water damage dry out process going. At OC Leak Detection, we do provide Emergency Response Service in Norco.
  3. At this point you will need to be making the choice of whether or not you will be going with your homeowners insurance or going without. OC Leak Detection will help to guide you on what your options are as well as costs are and be able to show you the extent of your water damage visually via a Flir Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera to assure you are able to make an educated decision. It is a good idea to know your deductible, this will help you to quickly know whether or not it is worth opening a claim.
  4. This next step is very important and is required by law. Any dwelling built in Norco, Ca. prior to 1982 (this date changes so a current date would need to be obtained) needs to be tested for the presence of Asbestos and or Lead prior to any cutting or removal of materials.
  5. Now the drying process should be started using commercial drying equipment such as industrial dehumidifiers and air movers, you should know whether or not you are going through the process of filing a claim and we have all the authorizations we need to start demo. Moisture mapping and picture taking has been completed at this point, Asbestos/Lead testing should have also been completed if needed and the removal of non-salvageable materials has commenced. Depending on the type of water damage that has occurred, plastic containment/dust barriers may need to be installed in order to keep your house clear of any kind of contamination from mold or bacteria growth.
  6. Now that the demolition portion is completed, the commercial water damage drying equipment has been sitting in your home for a minimum of 3 days, and often it can be 4-5 days, in order to completely dry all structures and salvaged materials that were left in place. Once we verify that all materials are completely dry, we will then come back to your home and take more photos and then remove all equipment as well as do a final cleaning.
  7. At this point, your leak has been fixed, your home no longer has water damage or the chance for mold or bacterial growth. Looking around, you will have places where sections (large or small) of drywall were removed, maybe cabinets or even carpet or flooring are now gone. Where do you go from here? Unfortunately this next portion, which we call "put back" or the rebuild process, is not something that we handle. We then will hand you off to our good friends over at Emercon Construction 949-204-7130. Like us, they too work with all insurance companies and are mainly the preferred vendor for most insurance companies in Norco, Ca.