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5 Symptoms of a False Slab Leak

Posted by admin on  August 3, 2020

Category: Plumbing
5 Common Signs of a False Slab Leak! One of the most common things we see as slab leak detection expert's in Orange County is people thinking they have a slab leak, but really don't! If you do not know what a slab leak is, here is a link to an article of ours called, Slab Leak’s Torment Orange County. This will get you on track. Thinking you have a slab leak is very common,
Slab Leak's Continue to Torment Orange County! Slab leak's are a nightmare for Orange County Homeowners! I am sure a lot of you reading this have either experienced one or more slab leaks or pinhole leaks in Orange County or at minimum know a friend or a neighbor who has experienced a slab leak. Looking at the photo above, it can be a horrible experience causing thousands in damage and possibly displacing the owner of
HOA Plumber
Looking for an HOA Plumber in Orange County? Imagine coming home to find that your sink, bathtub or toilet is overflowing with water and you know you have not been around to cause the issue. What do you do? Who is going to fix it? Who is responsible? The chances are that the issue is on a shared plumbing line in your building or community. This is a guide to knowing your HOA responsibilites and

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