Homeowners Guide for an HOA Plumber
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Looking for an HOA Plumber in South Florida?

Imagine coming home to find that your sink, bathtub or toilet is overflowing with water and you know you have not been around to cause the issue. What do you do? Who is going to fix it? Who is responsible? The chances are that the issue is on a shared plumbing line in your building or community. This is a guide to knowing your HOA responsibilities and the HOA Plumber who will be fixing it.

What are the HOA Responsibilities?

Unless there are governing HOA documents that have other provisions, the HOA has the responsibility to maintain, replace and repair all damage in common areas. Sometimes there can be a leak in a separate unit that is not a common area that causes damage to your unit. Typically you will find in the documents pertaining to your HOA , the owner has the responsibility to fix the pipe leak but the HOA is responsible for the damage caused by that leak. It is very common to find condominiums in Orange County sharing main lines that are considered a "common area" and are under the responsibility of the HOA.

What are the Owners Responsibilities in South Florida?

Typically, the owner is responsible for maintaining all plumbing fixtures in the home. This includes but is not limited to, toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, appliances, sewer lines only serving your unit, water lines (including branch lines) serving your unit and water heaters.

Who Can Fix the Plumbing for my HOA?

Typically your HOA in South Florida will have a Plumbing Company that they are already contracted with. You would most likely want to go directly through your HOA in order to get this setup and have your repair run smoothly. Most scenarios are emergencies and the plumbing leak needs to be remedied immediately and the HOA Plumber in South Florida is not immediately available. It is within your right to call a plumber such as OC Leak Detection to come out and stop the leak immediately. The HOA is obligated to pay for this service. The repair itself would need to be approved through the HOA first but is typically not a problem.

OC Leak Detection Serving all of South Florida

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