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Infrared Camera Inspection Experts

When plumbing leaks go undetected, the problem threatens your home,
could potentially increase utility costs and makes repairs more

With Infrared Camera Inspection & Leak Detection, we can identify
problems that can't be seen by the naked eye - eliminating the use
of destructive probing tools. When we use our Infrared Camera, we
will detect not only hidden plumbing water leaks, but also energy
leaks from widows and doors, electrical wiring "hot spots" and
even detect unseen pests that have made a home in yours, such as
rat and mice nests and termites.

Try Our Complete Home Infrared Inspection

With Our Complete Home Infrared Inspection We Will:
• Inspect for any water leaks and their origin - walls, flooring and roof
• Inspect for any plumbing issues - and blocked lines
• Inspect electrical for "hot spots" which can cause fire hazards or
electrical outages
• Inspect for termites and or animal nests
• Inspect for moisture and or mold or mildew that cannot be found with
moisture meters or probes
• Inspect for heating & cooling loss through doors, windows and walls

All results are documented into a professional report and will be
emailed to you via PDF Doc. This will provide you with tangible proof
of our findings that can be very helpful for repair verification and
insurance reasons. All video findings will be saved on a SD Micro
memory card for you to keep and view.

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