Leak Detection Redlands

Located and fixed a broekn line in the ground
Free Slab Leak Detection in Redlands
Upon OC Leak Detection providing a leak detection service on your home, if we complete any repair work (water damage remediation, mold remediation or plumbing repairs) your leak detection is completely FREE!

Leak Detection Redlands

(866) 523-3303 - We are a locally owned family business serving the Redlands, Ca. We operate on the principal of giving amazing customer service with the strongest commitment to excellence. We have been serving our customers for over 25 years. Our company was founded with the commitment to exemplify knowledge, honesty and customer service to our customers.

Our commitment to excellence, quality service and fair pricing has not changed in over two decades. In Redlands Ca, we specialize in many aspects of leak locating and have a very specialized team utilizing only the most up to date equipment and techniques. We can help you with any leak detection you may need in Redlands.

What are the Signs of a Slab Leak in Redlands, Ca?

There are signs of a slab leak or plumbing leak that you can spot before the problem becomes even bigger. If you have a slab leak or pinhole leak, a few common signs that you may notice are:

  • A rapid rise in the gas or water bill
  • The sound of water flowing through pipes when they are not in use
  • The water heater running non-stop
  • Warm or hot spots on the floor
  • Constant wet spots outside or near the stucco of the home

If you notice any of these common leak signs, be sure to call us right away! We are proud to offer both infrared leak detection and electronic leak detection. We also provide many plumbing and emergency water damage services. If you are looking for a specific repair service, please view our list of services below or use our contact form to send an inquiry. We will get back to you quickly and help you with any leak repair needs you may have.

Who Can Fix My Water Leak in Redlands, Ca?

OC Leak Detection not only offers leak detection services but also repair services in Redlands including those for:

  • Irrigation Leaks
  • Sewer Line Leaks
  • Copper Pinhole Leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Roof Drain and Overflow Leaks
  • Main Line Water

Our team can come to your home and identify the type of leak affecting your home. We will then offer repair services that will take care of the problem for good.

At OC Leak Detection we offer repair services for slab leaks in Redlands including:

  • Complete Line Re-Route - This common type of repair is used in many homes in Redlands. We think this is the best choice, in our expert opinion. While fixing the line in the floor is usually the cheapest way to repair a leak, it is not always the best way. Leaving a damaged, yet active, water line in your floor usually results in a second slab leak later on.
  • In-Floor Repair – This repair services is invasive and requires the removal of flooring and concrete to allow us to access the leak. This option may not be possible for some homes because of the use of post-tension slabs.

We are proud to offer expertise in the field of plumbing, water damage and leak detection. If you think you may have a leak in Redlands and are not sure if its a in wall pinhole leak or a slab leak, give us a call, especially if you are not sure where the leak is even coming from. Call Redlandsleak specialists now for help! If we are unable to find the leak, we promise you will not pay us anything! Not only are we experts in finding slab leaks and pinhole leaks, but we also know how to fix them quickly and affordably.

Zip Codes We Serve in Redlands for Leak Detection

  • 92373
  • 92374