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Slab Leak Repair Specialists

At OC Leak Detection, we specialize in slab leak locating
and repair. We offer the following types of slab leak repairs:
In floor repair (Requires removal of flooring and concrete to access
the leak. This option is not always possible due to post-tensioned
Complete water line re-route (This option is the most common and in
our opinion the smartest choice. Although fixing the line in the floor
is often the cheapest way to repair the leak, it is not always
recommended. Leaving the bad water line in the floor and still active
usually results in another slab leak on the same line.)

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Slab Leak:
• The initial symptoms might be a rising water or gas bill.
• You may hear the sound of water flowing through your pipes when you
do not have any plumbing on or your water heater might be on endlessly.
• If it is a hot water line, you may notice a hot spot in the floor.
• You may notice constant wet spots outside.

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