5 Symptoms of a False Slab Leak

5 Symptoms of a False Slab Leak

5 Common Signs of a False Slab Leak!

One of the most common things we see as slab leak detection expert's in South Florida is people thinking they have a slab leak, but really don't! If you do not know what a slab leak is, here is a link to an article of ours called, Slab Leak’s Torment South Florida. This will get you on track.

Thinking you have a slab leak is very common, almost the majority of our calls. Most commonly customer's receive notices from their water district saying they are using too much water and most likely have a leak. Let's go over the Top 5 things we find from customers who think they have a slab leak but really don't, this could save you big $$$.

Symptom #1 - Running Toilet Fill Valve

Probably the most common call we get is a customer who thinks they have a slab leak, but their toilet fill valve is running! Toilet fill valves get stuck, they wear out, they just plain don't work most of the time. Not only do they give a false symptom of a slab leak, but we have seen them get stuck open and overflow toilet bowls that are not draining or clogged while people are not home causing thousands of dollars in damage. Before calling a leak detection expert, go through your home and survey your toilets and make sure they are not running. Doing this could save you a few hundred dollar's from a leak detection service call or more.

Symptom #2 - Running Pool Autofill

A pool autofill valve is similar to a toilet fill valve and work exactly the same way. Being that they work the same way, they also share the same flaws. Pool autofill valves are typically found around the edge of your pool under a cover typically similar to a skimmer basket access lid. A lot of times they have a screw holding them in place. Putting your ear to the cover if it is not removable, you may hear a hissing sound. If you do hear that sound, it means that your pool autofill is running. This type of water loss just like a toilet can equate to hundreds of gallons of water being wasted and trick you and your water district into believing you have a slab leak.

Symptom #3 - Running Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems that can cause a false symptom of a slab leak are those that have an auto cleaning function such as a whole home filtration unit and reverse osmosis systems. Most of these systems are set to auto flush at night which makes it difficult to determine if they are the culprit. We recommend by-passing the unit, shutting the water off or unplugging these systems if you suspect that they are causing the mysterious loss of water.

Symptom #4 - Leaking Mainline

A mainline is the water line that runs from the water meter at the street to the house. This can often included the service line that goes to the irrigation system. Now this is a very common source of water loss, but it is not a slab leak because it is not inside your home. These leaks can be very expensive to fix because the location of the leak typically isn't accessible without major concrete demolition. Call us for a better option and a 50 Year Warranty on a new mainline that is minimally invasive to your home.

Symptom #1 - Irrigation Zone Valve

Irrigation zone valves....so many things can be going on with these units and is very often the source of a suspicious slab leak. Zone valves can get pieces of debris stuck inside the fragile diaphragm which will allow water to keep passing through undetected. The solenoid inside the valve can just stop functioning as well. Being that most systems water during the night for more efficient use of water, a faulty timer can also cause these valves to run for way to long which can very quickly add up to hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water loss while you are sleeping. We suggest shutting your irrigation system off and hand watering your plants in order to see if you are still losing high amounts of water.


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