Window Leak in Hallandale, Fl (Water Damage Mitigation Process)

Window Leak in Hallandale, Fl (Water Damage Mitigation Process)

Hallandale Fl. Home Suffers Water Damage from Window Leak | ( Water Damage Mitigation Process )

One of the most common sources of water damage we see in Hallandale, Fl. and the surrounding areas is water damage from a window leak. It is a usually a very easy leak to find with the use of a thermal imaging camera and typically the water mitigation process is quick and simple.

This project was a newer home located in Hallandale Beach where we were called out to investigate wet carpet after a storm. The first thing we do in this type of water leak detection is to use a thermal imaging camera. Our camera of choice is always the Flir Brand and in this particular project we used the Flir E40bx.


Once we were able to look at this wall and carpet with the Thermal Camera, it was obvious from the location and height of the water that the window was the culprit. This project would need water mitigation in order to dry the project out correctly and test the window to see the actual leak occur.

A price for the water damage remediation project was given to the homeowner and after approval we got started on the demolition process.

Now Time for Water Mitigation in this Hallandale Home!

Being a newer home in Hallandale (15 years old) we were not required to test for Asbestos, so we got right to work. The first thing we did here was moisture mapping as usual, that is using a moisture meter to see all the hidden locations of water damage and mark them so that we can place our cuts to the drywall in a manner that allows us straight lines and faster repair for the drywall contractor.

The mitigation process here would start by pulling back the wet carpet. Because the carpet was only wet a few feet in, we were able to do what we call a lift and dry of the carpet itself and just remove and dispose of the water logged carpet padding. In older homes, sometimes the carpet cannot be restretched because of its age, but because this was a newer home in Hallandale, this carpet could easily be reinstalled. Once the carpet was pulled back and the padding was removed, we could see that the carpet tack strips were also in great shape and just needed to be dryed in place other than removing them completely.

Now that the carpet is out of the way, we can make our cuts to the sheetrock and expose the interior of the wall. Inside the wall showed that this window had been leaking for quite awhile and although did not grow much mold, it created a lot of rot to the wood furring strips that are against the block wall. These were rotted to the point where some of them were falling off, but it is ok because they are very easily replaced.

Water Mitigation Complete, Time to Confirm the Water Leak

Once were able to mitigate the water damage completely and get everything cleaned up, we were then able to move on to leak testing the window again in order to confirm the cause of the water damage. This particular window it was pretty obvious that the window was leaking because of the staining on the block work as well as the water trail. We could see on this particular window that inside the track, the screws that secure the window frame to the framing, the caulking had come off. This is one of the most common causes of window leaks in Hallandale and the surrounding areas in Florida that see a lot of wind driven rain. After testing our theory, we were able to replicate the leak and were able to see water quickly coming down the block work.

Now that the water leak has been confirmed, we continued the dryout process which lasted the typical 3 days. The homeowner scheduled a window company located in Hallandale to come out and weatherproof the window as well as the other windows on the house to prevent the same problems in the future!

Pro Tip*
When you see water, dont clean it all up, just prevent further damage from occuring. When you dry up all the water you are then removing the evidence of the leak. This makes the water leak detection more difficult at times and sometimes causes the process to be longer.


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