Water Leak Detection Services in Miami, FL

305.602.7347 | Leaky pipes are a widespread plumbing issue that affects many homes in Miami, but they are not easy to spot since they are mostly hidden behind walls or cabinets. Unlike blocked drains, locating leaks is the toughest part when fixing leaking pipes.

If you think there may be leaks in your Miami, Fl home, it's best to call in a professional leak detection company with the right equipment. The experienced leak detectors at OC Leak Detection have what it takes to locate and repair any leaks quickly, only causing minimal damage to your property. We're available 7 days a week to assist you if you need our help!

OC Leak Detection & Water Damage Remediation provides water leak detection services in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas.


How to Know You Need to Fix a Leak

"Hey, how can I tell if I need leak detection services?" That's a valid question. It can be difficult to know you need a leak detector when the pipes are hidden behind walls or under flooring. However, there are some subtle signs that indicate it's time to hire a professional for leak detection.

  • Your water bills may go up to an unexpected extent even if there is a small leak that drips only a few drops per minute. In case you see a sudden rise in water costs, call a professional leak detection company to get it checked out.
  • When water leaks from a pipe, it can cause some damage to the wall or ceiling. You might start to see some brownish-red spots as the drywall gets ruined. This is a clear indication that there's some kind of water leak.
  • If there's a big leak in your house, the water pressure may go down.
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Who Is At Fault for Your Slab Leak?

You're not to blame for this problem. The inferior copper installed by builders and the high levels of Chloramines in the water caused by water districts are the main culprits. These factors are particularly relevant for houses located in Miami, Fl.

How We Locate Water Leaks

Our highly trained and skilled technicians are armed with a range of tools and techniques to detect concealed leaks. Their expertise is one of their most powerful assets, and they can frequently pinpoint the leak's general area without resorting to high-tech equipment.

Leak detectors use different tools such as thermal imaging, listening devices, ground microphones, and pressure sensors to detect the exact location of a leak without damaging the pipe. Special training is required to make the most out of the information gathered by these tools.

Don't Wait to Find Your Water Leak

If you suspect that your home has hidden leaks, don't wait to take action. Leaks can get worse over time and cause expensive damage to your home, waste water, and damage your plumbing. At OC Leak Detection, our technicians are always ready to respond quickly to your calls and have the expertise and tools to fix any problem. Contact us for any leak detection needs you may have in Miami, FL.